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About the Site

This website was created for students of music who are looking for an easy way to learn how to play a new musical instrument in an online environment. Music has been a very important part of my life for a long time, and I want to share that love with young learners. I have found that consolidated  free online resources are hard to find, so this website is designed to be a place for young musicians to enhance their passion and discover more about themselves at the same time.

I am a high school senior, and have seen merits of having a solid foundation in musical education from a young age. Along with the many resources for all beginning musicians, there are features for more advanced learners also. These focus on a better understanding of how music works the way it does, and how to better read it. I have included an audio description of why I have built this website, if you are curious. Happy music making!

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Available Resources


Resources for all  woodwind, brass, percussion, or orchestral instruments


Music Theory

Getting to know the nitty gritty on how Western music is understood

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Varying from simple to complex, these rhythms challenge you to read & understand music better

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